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Styled By

20th March 2015

Shopping is very therapeutic to me and I really love new clothes (I mean, who doesn’t?); but, I have found that it is much harder to really shop with Q running around trying to play “Hide” down the aisles.

Thus, most of my pieces are styled by Target because it is convenient when I am already there getting groceries and pull-ups and whatever else I need that week. I love Target’s clothes and shoes, they really do help me keep my wardrobe and Q’s wardrobe up to date but sometimes it just isn’t enough, especially in the “teacher work clothes” need of my closet.

So, I decided to try an online personal stylist called Stitch Fix. I was a little apprehensive at first but I got my first “fix” yesterday and I really enjoyed getting the package, trying on the clothes, and figuring out what I wanted to keep or send back. I ended up keeping a top and some jeans (JEANS ARE MY KRYPTONITE).

2015-03-19 14.54.17

I am using Stitch Fix mainly for work tops because that is what I have the most trouble finding at stores. I have a “fix” coming every other month but you can choose to have it every other week or every month, etc. I do not need it that often but  I think it will be a great way to get some pieces that are personalized to my needs and style preferences shipped to my door (no more keeping Q occupied in a department store fitting room). I also like that if I don’t like the pieces I can send them back right away in a pre-paid package that they send to me with the clothes – so simple. And, I have to say that getting that package is very exciting, like Christmas morning for 20-something-female-adults.

As an added bonus, my personal stylist, Emily, sent with the clothes this little pamphlet that had the pieces she sent with ideas of how to style them with pieces I might have in my closet already (which I thought was very helpful and looked Pinterest worthy)!

2015-03-19 14.54.36


If you are having trouble getting to the stores to shop or just want a variety of different clothes and jewelry to chose from, begin a personal profile here and check it out – it really has been a fun experiment for me so far!

Happy Shopping and WEEKEND!

XO. Brit

For the Love

16th January 2015

My mom and I love to hit the Dillard’s New Years Day sale every year. Everything that is already marked down is an additional 50% off – it is like a shopper’s dream. I love to go with my mom. It is such a fun adventure to see what “treasures” we can find. We pull things off the rack for each other, hit two-three Dillard’s shops in the valley, and catch up on life. We used to shop together all the time but since I have had Q it is hard to really shop-shop with a toddler-in-tow. This is one of the few times a year now where we can go out just the two of us and enjoy the joy of a good find. We shop for the love of shopping and the love of spending time together. It always turns out to be a really great day.

2015-01-05 06.35.17

I got a few really unique things this year, but my favorite thing is this shirt above that my mom also got! The top of it is suede and bottom is the softest grey material. It is great for work or casual wear.

Hope next year you can get to this sale, it is well worth it. Get there when they open though because by noon it is a mad house!

XO. Brit