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QR Code Scavenger Hunt

26th December 2014

Two things you need to do before we begin:

The end of the semester is a scramble to get students to review for finals in a meaningful and engaging way. There are several different options for review games, which I have included on my Finals Review Favorites post but none can compare to the QR Code Scavenger Hunt.

I received this scavenger hunt idea from my colleague, Julia Salce, who is an amazing leader and educator. You will need to come up with ten questions that are “fill in the blank” with one word answers. You can take these from your existing review guide and modify them. In essence, you will type up these ten questions in a WORD document and enlarge them enough so there is one question per page. DO NOT PRINT QUESTIONS OUT YET.

Now, you need to decide on ten locations that you will place the questions around your campus: the attendance office, the library, the nurse, etc. I usually place the questions on the outside doors of the building as to not interrupt any other classes or the front office. Make sure your write down for yourself which question is at which location as you will need to write riddles for each location.

Next, login to the Padlet account you created above. This site has a slight learning curve. Essentially, you need to make a Padlet “Wall” for each question, but instead of writing the next question in the description area you will write the riddle to the question’s location. You will also need to set a password to get into each “Wall” which is in the “Modify this Wall” tool under “Privacy” on the right hand side of the webpage screen. The password is the answer to the question on the WORD document. If they can’t answer the question, they can’t get into the wall that has the next clue (so it gets intense as this is a group competition in my classes). Here is a sample from one I did last quarter: http://padlet.com/britbingold/2y8ng02jpy5s. The password is: Synesthesia.

Once all your Padlet Wall’s are created with riddles to the locations of each question, go to http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ and copy the link of the Padlet Wall into the paste area and hit “Generate”. A QR Code should be created and then you can copy the QR Code and paste at the bottom of the WORD document question. Thus, when the students scan the QR Code with their QR Code Reader APP on their SMART phone (which is a free app I have them download the day before) they are able to answer the question by putting in the password and be released to the “Wall” with the riddle to the next question. You must create a different QR Code for each “Wall” for each riddle. NOW YOU PRINT THEM OUT.

QR Code scav


I put students in groups of four with one SMART phone that has the app. They start with a question in my room and scan that QR code (this is where I can help them learn the technology aspect of the hunt) and then they pretty much run around the school using their phones to scan, answer, and review. The first group that posts their team name to each “Wall” (so I know they actually answered and didn’t just start following other teams) and returns to my room wins!

Please email me with any questions: brit@thebitsofbrit.com

Happy reviewing!

XO. Brit