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Adventures in December

15th December 2014


2014-12-06 18.02.34-1

The holidays are in full swing. I am pretty sure that we are making the most out of them too; but, often times it just feels exhausting. Right when I feel “done” with Christmas shopping there is another gift to get, wrap, and place under our tree. I always have blamed getting “sick” for Christmas on my high school students. Why not? Isn’t a classroom just one giant cesspool of teen germs? This year though I realized it is probably stress. Stress is what brings down my immune system right before the big guy brings presents down the chimney.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this Christmas has been so fun because my daughter has truly been mystified by it all: cookies, Santa, and, well, Frosty the Snowman. Really it is just Frosty the Snowman. She sings “Osty the man” constantly. It is the last name she utters before she falls asleep every night. I’m starting to worry how the end of Christmas season is going to affect her!

2014-12-06 15.30.21-1 2014-12-06 15.30.21-3

Between holiday events: hot air balloon viewing, meeting THE Santa Clause, making ginger-mickeys and men, and attending Christmas parties, and normal-life events: swim lessons, Gymboree class, work, and fitting in quality family time, I am “pooped” for lack of a better term. However, I have to keep in mind that these are the good times that everyone talks about. The times that my older cousins or colleagues tell me to “hold onto tight” because they “go by so fast.” As I look back through some pictures from the beginning of this month I think to myself “Wow, what a great adventure I get to go on with my little family.”

2014-12-13 15.15.14   2014-12-13 15.17.42

I guess what I need to learn and teach myself is to calm down. I am stressed about something or someone pretty much all the time and the holidays seem to magnify it. While I love this time of year, I sometimes feel that by the time I get to Christmas I am so tired that I don’t enjoy it. And well, frankly, this year I AM GOING TO ENJOY IT. So, will I be finishing up my Christmas shopping and wrapping late this year even though I thought I was done? YES (even typing this makes me stressed, but I have to start somewhere, right?).

2014-12-13 18.30.12

XO. Brit