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Happy Noise

4th January 2015

Happy New Year! Or, as my daughter put it, “Happy Noise!” (from all the noise she heard outside as she was a bit frightened by fireworks in our neighborhood). However, Q really did describe our Winter Break as it was full of noises.

Noises in the Potty

Since I have had a two week vacation, I decided it was time to give potty training another go. The first attempt only lasted three days in October when we both got very sick and couldn’t really continue on in that state. I read a few books, talked it over with my mommy friends, and was very anxious come “P-Day”. The first three days were rough – not going to sugar-coat it because, frankly,the thought of going back to the trusty diaper crossed my time SEVERAL times. I tried the training method with panties-on-only but after 10 pairs of panties and an unwelcome relationship between my steam-cleaner and the couch, carpet, chairs, and tile I sought out Pull-Ups (even though all the books told me not to – I didn’t care I was losing my sanity). I wasn’t going to go back to diapers as I told her we were done with those. No more laying her down to change her, wipe her, etc. So I called her Pull-Ups, “big girl potty panties”, and we moved on to day four – Christmas Day. I had family over and remembering to put her on the potty was difficult. But God gave us a break through – she finally went in the potty (yes, after four days, I told you it was rough). Oh, the sound of that tinkle made us both joyous (and she finally earned her Skittle reward). I have never seen her so proud of herself and in that moment that tiny noise gave us both hope for the potty training future. Since then she has moved to the big potty, has kept her Pull-Ups dry with minimal accidents, and has even gone in relative’s potties (which I hope is one step closer to the dreaded public restroom). I am so proud of my little girl who is looking less like a toddler each day.

Noises from the Bathroom

One of the best parts of the holiday was seeing Q re-awaken her love for reading. She hasn’t been into books as much lately but since we had a lot of down time in the bathroom during this potty adventure we have been reading books together. Her two favorite potty books are Big Girls Use the Potty and A Potty for Me by Karen Katz; but, we have also been enjoying Llama Llama Nighty Night by Anna Dewdney which she has begun to recite and even pretend to read to me since she knows a few words on each page. The sound of her little voice reciting words along with me as I read to her has truly been one of the highlights of this vacation. She now has been bringing me books as we play in her playroom and saying “Weed Please Mama”. Also, the nerdy English teacher in me is very excited that she asks me to name all the punctuation marks on each page (not sure how Chase feels about this when he is reading to her but I am over the moon that I can say “Ellipsis” as she counts those three little dots).

The “Mama” Noise

Q is pretty much a “Mama” broken record lately. She says it over and over and over and over. I am trying so hard to remember that she won’t always need me like she does right now and that I need to enjoy it and her. I am not sure when it started though. It could be that we have grown even closer through potty training as it is such an intimate and personal experience for her. All I know is that from the moment I see her in the morning until she goes to bed a night all I hear is “Mama!” Even Chase has noticed it and has tried to give me some Mama Breaks. During these breaks, I have been very invested in writing my blog watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I have heard it was a good show from several students (which I am sometimes weary of their recommendations) and oh yes, it is. Even as I type this post I am budgeting whether or not I have time to sneak in an episode before I go to bed.

There were several noises this break: pee pee, fireworks, a little voice reading, wrapping paper tearing, poo poo, and laughter – lots of laughter. I’m not quite ready to get back to reality in two days but at least I am going to be taking with me lovely, happy noises.

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XO. Brit