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Good Vibes Only

11th May 2015

Just had to do a shout out to Mulberry Press Co for making the best t-shirts! I have three of their shirts, “Good Vibes Only,” “Huslin’ Mama,” and “Give Thanks” and I wear at least one every weekend. They are super soft and stylish and I love that they are little longer in the torso!

I had to go to an eight hour long district training this past Saturday and wanted to have “good vibes” about it so I put on this shirt. Everyone at my training table smiled and said “yep!” and it just put me and everyone else in a good mood. If you haven’t looked at their site you are missing out!

2015-05-02 06.46.57

XO. Brit

So, Yeah that Cold

1st March 2015

Well, we were all sick. Man, this cold this year is brutal – doesn’t go away within seven days for us like it normally does. My students are dropping like flies and I thought I would maybe, just maybe, miss this cold but then it hit my little one and that was that.

Q was sick for a full month (with about a two day reprieve in between colds) including it becoming bronchitis and paired with an odd rash. Luckily she is CHAMP when it comes to the nebulizer because of her asthma. Chase and I both got the cold as well and mine did end up with a sinus infection (ouch).

2015-02-02 16.02.58

So, it has pretty much been a sitting-on-the-couch-in-sweatpants-eating-some-popcorn-and-watching-The-Little-Mermaid (or as Q calls it “Ariel Movie”) kind of few weeks over here. Not much content for the blog and not much teaching in the classroom! Basically, I wore my Good Vibes Only sweatshirt from Mulberry Press Co., with yoga pants for like a week straight and took care of myself and my family.

2015-01-31 07.32.14

Luckily, we seem to be all on the mend now and hopefully we can dodge any future colds and make it to our Spring Break vacation at my cousin’s cabin in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Through the sickness though, a few things did happen:

  • I got my hair cut and am trying to decide whether to grow it out a little (so I can do the pony tail thing over summer or keep it short).
  • Q discovered popcorn and she was a fan.
  • Crush, our desert tortoise, came out of hibernation early because the weather was warm and now that it is back to cold he seems very confused.
  • I found a frozen taquito brand that my entire family loved and helped me survive cooking while being sick.
  • Q became a sunglasses trendsetter.

2015-02-23 21.10.27 2015-02-24 18.04.33 2015-02-03 13.34.15 2015-02-12 16.08.06 HDR 2015-02-10 16.48.43

XO. Brit