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Don’t Stop Believing

3rd December 2014

Thanksgiving is over and on to Christmas! I haven’t been this excited for Christmas since I was a child who believed Santa came down my chimney and little elves left me presents throughout the month of December. As a young adult and college student I still loved Christmas time but it wasn’t the same as when I had that unshakable belief in something I could not see nor explain. As I began decorating for the holidays this year, first my home and then my classroom, I was just downright giddy. I even caved and put up my decorations a week earlier than normal. And I know it all comes down to this:

 The belief is back.

Q has given me so much joy in her two short years. She has reinvigorated that sense of wonder. When I put up the Christmas tree this year, she screamed in excitement. When I plugged in the lights on the tree, she whispered an almost silent “wow”. The awe, the magic of Christmas – it is back in my life. It has made me start remembering my childhood and how grateful I am to my family who made my childhood really special. I am so lucky to have such involved parents. Now, I am in the position to do the same for my daughter and it makes me want to push harder during those late nights and weekends to make sure she has that imagination, that she can picture the North Pole, elves, and flying reindeer.

After all, without being able to believe in what you can’t see, mankind would surely struggle even more than we already are. These last few years have been trying for my family and friends. I never imagined that at our age we would face different jobs, different kinds of cancer, face losing our parents, or even losing each other (or ourselves along the way) like we have. These are the harsh realities of life. However, I am reminded that there is even a harsher reality for many people that defies my comprehension. When I see what is happening in Syria or Kobani on the news, I am just speechless and my heart aches for these men, women, and children, especially the children.

This Christmas has provided me with belief in the unseen and perspective on what I do see. Perspective on childhood, parenting, teaching, and giving. This belief that has resurfaced from childhood has brought back with it a severe need to give back. Even though I feel helpless to fight the world’s horrors, I can at the very least help those in my school, in my state. I am committed to teaching Q that not all gifts are for her and that sometimes we need to give and believe that in the giving we are making some small difference.

How can you not think of Journey when you think of “believing”? So, I hope that you “don’t stop believing” and you “hold onto that feeling.” Whatever you chose to believe in – don’t stop. I need to believe that mankind is still good, and, for now, Q needs to believe in Santa. We need to believe to remind us of what truly matters.


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