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No Boys Allowed!

15th June 2015

This past weekend, Q, my mom, and I went up north in Pine-top for a mother-daughter-daughter getaway (no boys allowed).

My mom’s sisters, Debbie and Patty, their daughters, Lisa and Justine, and their daughters, Ally, Megan (or “Bacon” as Q called her), and A all stayed and my aunt and uncle’s cabin. So, there were 10 of us ladies total and it was a TOTAL blast! We had such a great time going on a hike, skipping rocks at the stream, and riding ponies!

And thanks to the planning of my Aunt Patty we even did a craft – wine glass painting. It was great to spend some time with family and laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. Love these ladies – can’t wait to do it again next year!

2015-06-13 10.30.48 2015-06-13 10.38.52 2015-06-13 10.39.05-1 2015-06-13 10.39.14 2015-06-13 10.39.51 2015-06-13 10.58.47 2015-06-13 11.09.57 2015-06-13 11.11.55 2015-06-13 11.12.34 2015-06-13 11.23.21 2015-06-13 11.29.02 2015-06-13 13.51.51 2015-06-13 14.15.52 2015-06-13 14.29.59

XO. Brit

Our “First” Trip

13th March 2015

2015-03-08 09.24.24

Wow, we needed a vacation. We had not taken a vacation for two years before Q was born so it was four years over due to get away and we really needed to test out Q’s road trippin’ skills before we go to CA in the summer. And she did great [see sleeping image below]. Also, I need to bake some cookies for whoever invented Kindle Free Time.

2015-03-07 12.11.14 HDR 2015-03-07 12.11.17

My cousin invited us up to her parent’s cabin in Pinetop, AZ. It was beautiful; a high of 59 degrees! Glorious sweatshirt weather. My cousin’s daughter is only three weeks older than Q and we were very excited to get the girls together for a trip like we used to do when we would go camping at Holly Lake as little kids. They had a great time together feeding ducks, golfing with pine-cones, playing with their toys in the dirt, and seeing REAL DEER, 6 to be exact, about 40 feet away! It was awesome.

2015-03-09 09.45.23 2015-03-09 10.01.03 2015-03-09 10.43.12 2015-03-09 10.57.03 2015-03-07 16.47.44

The adults also had some fun of our own. My aunt watched the girls one morning and we went on a little adventure. I had never heard of Geo-caching before this trip but Chase did and was really excited to try it out so I thought, why not?! We had a great time cruising around finding these little caches in the forest. At first, I really didn’t look much, I was too busy enjoying the weather and being outside and watching Chase and my cousin’s husband find them. Until there was one they couldn’t find and the competitive nature in me HAD to find this cache. In the end, it took up about 45 minutes, and Chase finally found it (in a log that I had looked at like several times).

2015-03-08 09.01.55 2015-03-08 09.02.12

2015-03-08 09.24.05 There was one cache that my cousin and her husband looked all around for on their last trip and couldn’t find it, so they asked us if we wanted to try and we thought, heck yes! We drove up to this sign on the side of the road about the Twin Burn in 1976. I still hadn’t found a cache yet but I really wanted to help find this one. And I did! It was TINY and in the dirt by the sign’s leg on the ground. Apparently, according to the geo-cache app (yes, this exists and is great), no one had found this cache since last May and I found it in about 40 seconds – which was crazy. Everyone was super excited and we all had a good laugh at how fast I found it (I am holding it in the picture below, I told you it was little).

2015-03-08 10.35.02 2015-03-08 10.36.17 HDR

2015-03-08 10.23.53 Overall, it was such a fun trip and I am so thankful to my aunt and uncle for letting us come stay at their cabin and my cousin and her husband for inviting us. Can’t wait to do it again soon.

XO. Brit